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As many of you know I’ve been involved in youth wrestling for some time. 7 years to be exact. Needless to say, I’ve experienced most of the positives and negatives of our sport. One of the issues that I’ve always thought was a negative was the format in which we ask our kids to compete. Let’s face it, asking our kids and, just as importantly, their parents, to sit in gym for a tournament does not fit into the schedules of many of today’s busy families. Many times they sit in the gym for 4-8 hours and participate/ watch for less than 6 minutes. For many, Sunday is the only day these families have off. I’d like to propose a solution:

I am in the process of forming a dual meet wrestling league. I am looking for 8-12 teams to participate beginning in January of 2011. My goal is to have 2 divisions and have several tri-quad meets in January and February as well as a championship event for the top 4 teams. These events would be held during the week, preferably in conjunction with Jr. High dual/tri meets. Each event will be officiated by certified referees. Standings and statistics will be kept.

The goal is to allow each wrestler to compete in 2-3 matches in under 2 hours. The cost is anticipated to be no more than $250.00 per team depending on the number of teams. If your club would like to host an event, we ask that you provide the referees. In return, you can keep admission fees and all concessions. Hosting an event should more than cover the cost of your club’s entry. Both team and individual awards will be given out.

Also, as our sport puts more emphasis on dual meets with the upcoming dual meet state championships, these events will prepare our wrestlers for that type of competition. Please contact me by no later than 11/20/2010 with any questions you may have. Below is my contact info. Please contact me at your convenience and we’ll get your club registered.


Mike Geis



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